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The Waiting Room

Cocktail bar

House Rules & Info

While we hate that we have to write it down, it has been made apparent that it is necessary for us to explain what a cocktail bar is and what services we offer so you, as our welcomed guests, are prepared and able to enjoy your time with us.

1) As a cocktail bar, we do not accept reservations.  Seating is on a first-come first-served basis.

2) Per NYS Liquor Authority, we ID ANYONE looking to purchase an alcoholic beverage.  A valid photo ID showing you are of legal drinking age (21+) must be presented to bartender before placing any drink orders.

3) Due to the nature of our establishment (cocktail bar serving primarily alcoholic beverages), we do not allow and children or strollers in our bar.  Children are allowed at outdoor seating areas only.  If it is inclement weather, please plan accordingly as we do not make exceptions.

4) While we love your four-legged friends, we welcome dogs at our outdoor seating areas only.  If it is inclement weather, please plan accordingly as we do not make exceptions.

5) As a cocktail bar, we do not offer table service.  All orders are to be placed and paid for inside at our bar and may then be taken to your desired seating location, and may not leave our premises.

6) While we offer food options, our bar fare menu was intended to enhance our bar patrons experiences.  We are not a restaurant and do not offer a full dining menu or services.

7) We work hard to create a unique and elevated atmosphere for mature individuals to enjoy and relax.  If anyone's behavior becomes unruly or disrespectful to us, our staff, our guests or our home, we will ask you to leave.  We have a zero tolerance policy for poor behavior and bigotry.

Thank you for your understanding and respect of our house rules.  We look forward to welcoming you into our home for an enjoyable experience.

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